argh! offline

I have been offline for 4 days  – horrible!!!

Mainly because i was missing hearing all the postcard swap news. The most exciting thing has been to see a post card i sent on the recipient’s blog!

Thank you Malin for your lovely email and sharing your blog.

Another wonderful spin off is that my 4 yr old grandaughter, Elfie, was so excited by the postcards that she immediatley wanted to make one and we sent it to her 2 year old cousin in London. She wondered why she isn’t getting post cards back – i explained the swap to her and she wants to join next year! So i will be signing in for the two of us next year – fun!


6 responses to “argh! offline

  1. thank you Malin, that’s great


  2. ps. I added your blog to my post about your postcard as well! I hope to send some visitors your way 🙂


  3. Wow! Thank you for the kind words 🙂 And how sweet of your grandchild, I am sure you both will make great postcards for next year’s swap!


  4. hope it works now!


  5. just tried the link – didn’t work for me…


  6. Wonderful! And glad to have you back online…


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