Miss E’s Tree

Inspired by a post card from the post card swap my 4 year old grandaughter drew this picture as a card she wanted to send to her godmother for her birthday.


She then asked me if i had made any flowers she could add as she had seen the collaged cards too. I am often delighted to feel like an artist’s assistant – she has the ideas and usually I am able to facilitate them, which is inspiring and great fun. I put out an array of samples for her to choose from: crochet experiments and things cut off items before the main bit was thrown away – I’m particularly pleased when my obsessive hoarding is rewarded!

Here is the post card that inspired her drawing, sent to me by Robin in Chicago, where the spring has arrived very early she tells me.


6 responses to “Miss E’s Tree

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  2. Oh that’s lovely! What a nice birthday surprise!


  3. Superb – I’m loving the expansive positive power of sharing inspiration in this way… a very modern twist to pen pals?


  4. Hugs to you and your grand-daughter!! I am getting such a kick out this!! I love to inpsire!!


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