doodle house

a favourite first thing pastime is blog-hopping and i came across this one

i’m looking at my blank walls now and wondering…….


3 responses to “doodle house

  1. Isn’t this amazing? I well remember the extraordinary effort of the women in India to decorate their homes. Many would also make a floor decoration after they had swept the bare earth in front of the door. I even bought a bamboo stick with holes drilled into it which you filled with chalk and rolled on the ground: hey presto a beautiful pattern! We don’t need elaborate or expensive equipment, techniques or even places to be creative every day do we?


    • I love the way the doodles look like lace – do you have pics of the Indian homes you saw?


      • Well – if I do they are old paper ones! I shall have a quick root around…. This was in my early twenties when I was a volunteer in Anantapur in the southern the state of Andhra Pradesh where this sort of decoration was reasonably common though variable in coverage of the hut.


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