the fitted suit

A post on the Process Art journal reminded me if this fable told to us by our tutor when I was training to be a Counsellor:

The Fitted Suit

A man went to tailor to have a suit made for him. He chose the very best cloth.

When it was made, he returned to collect the suit, it looked wonderful, he put it on.

He looked at himself in the mirror and noticed that the left side was slightly higher than the right, he told the tailor.

The tailor said, ‘Oh, that’s ok sir, if you just hold it down with your left hand it will look fine.’

The man held it down with his left hand.Then the man noticed that the right collar stuck up a bit.

‘Oh that will look fine, sir, if you just push it down slightly with your chin.’

The man pushed it down with his chin.

The man looked in the mirror and saw that the suit looked fabulous, the cloth was very fine, but he noticed that the right leg was slightly longer than the left.

‘You can remedy that by holding up the right leg of the suit very slightly’ said the tailor.

The man looked at the suit and it looked great.

The man left the shop in his new suit, and walked across the park.

Two people were sitting on a bench and saw him. ‘Look at that poor crippled man,’ said one.

‘Yes, but he has a wonderful suit,’ said the other.


2 responses to “the fitted suit

  1. I’m interested in the post that sparked the memory/association? I did have a quick look but didn’t know which one…


    • If you click on ‘Process Art Journal’ above it will take you to the entry, read what Kira says and then if you want to see comments on her post click on the speech bubble at the top right of her painting.


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