Lauren Shanley

I love wandering along the South Bank in London, lovely atmosphere and always something going on. About 15 years ago I discovered Gabriel’s Wharf and in it Lauren Shanley‘s shop. My daughter and I spent a happy time revelling in the colours and textures and I bought Amy a necklace made with miracle beads. Since then Lauren has moved to the OXO tower, with limited opening hours it has taken me a long time to be able to visit her shop, but at last, i made it about a month ago.

I spent a wonderful half hour with Lauren discussing all sorts of creative things and I bought a gorgeous bowl, which Lauren explained was made of lengths of braid samples machined together – I have put my ‘Lipstick Plant’ in it.

Yes Sarah – it is flowering! (I took some cuttings from Sarah’s plant ages ago, it’s been well worth the wait!).

I am delighted to say that my wonderful children and their spouses have clubbed together to give me a day workshop with Lauren for my birthday present!!! Heaven!!! I cried!!

It is very hard to explain tears of joy to little children!

(At what age do we start crying for joy?)


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