Antony Gormley

Home for a few days break from helping with the twins and it has been a marvellous opportunity to catch up with the week’s Radio 4 programmes on iPlayer. Start the Week with Antony Gormley and others is a must! I have downloaded it to listen to it again and again – it will inform the emails i sometimes send to Woman’s Hour, Feedback, Pick of the Week, etc etc. I love the way we can have an input so easily now. And if you are doubting whether the comments one sends are ever read – i have had two pieces read out on Woman’s Hour. Great – and slightly weird hearing your exact words read by a strangers voice.

Antony Gormley is one of my heroes and I always value hearing his take on life, the Universe and everything.

Another brilliant programme this week was Desert Island Discs with John Lloyd (QI, Blackadder etc).

I would add Tracey Emin, Emmeline Pankhurst, Vivienne Westwood and David Hockney to my list of Heroes – there are loads more that won’t come to mind right now – would love to hear who yours are.

(Ah! this is turning into a list – maybe I WILL join in with iHanna’s List making after all!)


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