Postcard Swap Hurray!

Here are the 5 postcards I have made for iHanna’s Autumn Post Card Swap.

I am supporting my son and daughter-in-law with their new twins so I had just one day to make the cards – I up-cycled some old acrylic paintings, tearing some and using them as collage pieces, bubble wrap printing, washi tape and a bit of doodling. I keep a book of sayings and aphorisms – a brief riffle through to come across some Empowering Sayings.

My granddaughter also wants to join in.

18 responses to “Postcard Swap Hurray!

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  4. So glad you like them Julie – this swap is great isn’t it!


  5. Beautiful colors and atmosphere in your postcards Sandra!


  6. i love upcycling, great cards. fun swap.


    • Thanks for dropping by Cynthia – love your blog – i have it Bookmarked. I too love to doodle too and when lost for an idea for a pattern, I often find inspiration on your site.


  7. These are just lovely! I recognize some of my favorite sages in your quotes!


    • Thank you Sarah, i popped in on your blog, love your cards – the colours and the sayings. So much inspiring stuff to share in this swap!


  8. Nice postcards here!! The upcycling makes them extra special. Thank you for participating and sharing your process.


    • Thank you Gabrielle – I had fun looking at your blog and your postcards too – inspiring! What a wonderful way to connect with so many creative women from around the world.


  9. hey there, i’m part of the post card swap, too.
    i’ve read about your granddaughter and that she wants to swap cards, too. maybe she will send a card to my daughter (8 years, from germany)…i’m sure my daughter will be keen of sending a diy card back!!
    please write me a e-mail if you are interested in!
    best wishes, doro K.


    • You are a STAR!!! Elfie will be so excited! Thank you so much for responding to her request. I have sent you an email. XXXXXXXX


  10. Great job on the upcycling, Sandra!


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  12. Oh lovely to use something old and do something new. So glad you did join the swap Sandra!


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