The next day

For anyone not able to get out and walk today!

We have had an extremely wet year. I got fascinated with the reflections in the puddles and the tracks in the mud: my tracks, tractor tracks, deer tracks and bird tracks.
I also got V V frustrated with my little camera – oh so portable but not much good for zooming and wildlife photos. I saw the deer grazing at the bottom of a garden and we looked at each other for quite some time. Pheasants squawked and cackled (is there another better word for the noise they make? more like cockled?!), and a small hawk darted over my head, too quick for me to see what it was.


4 responses to “The next day

  1. That’s some good-looking muddy footprints!


    • Ha! 🙂
      I looked on the net to see if there are some walking blogs – there are, but I couldn’t find ones that show photos along the way of a real walk – only lots of maps and descriptions. I’m already thinking of other walks to record on here as a slide show – fun! Perhaps a coastal one next …


  2. Lovely, thanks, enjoyed your slide show in the warm. Feeling worse today. x


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