Happy 12.12.12

I am meeting with a group of friends today and we will create a little ceremony around the 12.12.12.

We started meeting nearly 15 years ago, once a month to read ‘The Artist’s Way’ by Julia Clements together and support one another to complete the exercises in the book. We went on to read the ‘Vein of Gold’ and that is what we call our group. There were about 10 of us at the start but for the last 6 or so years there has been 4 of us. We no longer get to meet every month so each meeting is even more special than it used to be.

I will be taking along some of my doodles:



3 responses to “12.12.12

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  2. Just to say I like reading your little blogs and maybe in the New Year I will start something too although I can’t do all those lovely drawings! Our friends Leon and Sharon are getting married today at 12 o’clock…..unlikely now to forget their wedding anniversaries in the future. Enjoy your get together with friends. I am off to London to meet my daughter driving via Maidenhead to visit my parents grave. Hope it’s not too icy….

    Take care – have a lovely Christmas and all the best in the New Year Pat



    • Thank you so much Pat. Thrilled to hear you are enjoying the blog. I look forward to seeing your blog – it’s really fun to do – let me know when it is up and running. Have a wonderful festive time too.


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