How about this for a wreath

Blog hopping again – just come in from helping my son move some cows on the cliffs near Durdle Door

here he is on a sunnier day


It was blowing a hoolie and we got soaked but I LOVE helping out when I can – takes me back to my farming days. And what better to warm up, than to sit down with a coffee in front of the fire and do some blog hopping.

I came across this gorgeous thing on Attic24

I couldn’t copy the photo, but you can see it in all its glory if you scroll on the blog’s page.

I love the colours and have just crocheted some of her little balls – a new obsession is born – not sure whether it will grow into a wreath yet though …


3 responses to “How about this for a wreath

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  2. Ah yes… Attic24 is so creative! I actually just pinned that lovely crochet wreath a few days ago 🙂


    • I LOVE the colours – I now have a whole bowl of balls in similar colours and of different sizes – still not sure what I will do with them – but will keep making them til the obsession wears off.


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