Join me on a Winter Solstice Walk

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kissinggate along the beach and up the hill cliffview housesSeeing the houses perched on the cliff and then to St.Catherine’s Chapel, and Granny-by-the-sea.

When my children we younger we used to walk here and they had to find Granny-by-the-sea before we had our picnic.

grannysea portlandthe view from Granny-by-the-sea, looking towards Portland.


13 responses to “Join me on a Winter Solstice Walk

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  8. Thank you kWh! I had a wonderfully peaceful time – just what i wanted ! Hope you are enjoying the festivities too.


  9. You have taken some wonderful photos! Is this picturesque place near where you live?


  10. THANKS – I really enjoyed that! Great idea. Graeme has had a cold which is just starting to settle on his chest and I have woken up this morning with headache, sore throat and the sniffles. Maybe we WON’T have to go to the Christmas Ball in the South after all! Snuggled up by the fire with some knitting seems such an attractive alternative…………. xx


    • I had thought yesterday that, as far as going on walks is concerned, having a blog is like having a dog – it gives an extra purpose to the walk and it’s not like walking alone if I can take you with me! So glad you enjoyed it – tuck up with the lemon and honey and wish G well – back to the knitting – me too!


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