Team Work

So Miss E told me that she wanted Granny Squares with flowers on them, and there had to be big and small flowers. She wanted a big flower that was pink in the middle with blue petals because they are her favourite colours. I found a pattern on Ravelry ……

pink and blue

She asked me to write the colours she wanted, down on a piece of paper, so that I wouldn’t forget: pink, blue, red and orange and purple.

And – and this is genius – she wanted a pocket on the back of the cushion to put some special things in.

So here is the front of the cushion:


I was careful to check out each step with her – we arranged the squares and before I appliquéd the small flowers on I showed them to her and how it would look. It was a wonderful process to see her consider each decision and for her to have an input at each stage.

We decided on a pretty edging:



from ‘Happy Hooker’ which is brilliant, with easy to follow instructions.

I love that Miss E, is so sure of herself and her ideas and it is a real privilege to be able to bring them to life for her……

Next post … the pocket!

(ps. a previous collaborative project was inspired by iHanna’s post card swap)

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