Cushion with a pocket

The back of the cushion (front can be seen in the previous post)


Larger concentric squares do not have so many ends to sew in

pktOnce the pocket had E’s favourite flower on it it was appliquéd in the middle

I made a plain flap for closing the cushion and discussed with E how I thought a flap made of squares, like Mummy’s cushion, would detract from the look of the pocket – she considered this with head on one side before agreeing it was ok for me to ‘try’ it. The great thing about crochet is it feels so much easier than knitting to undo and alter and adjust as you go

topflapThe inserts for E’s and her Mum’s cushion were made with folds like  on pillowcases to avoid having to put in zips or other fiddly fastenings. inners

They were made from material I got at my local Scrapstore – a wonderful source of virtually free craft materials of all sorts.

As I was photographing I folded the flap out of sight and realised it looked so much better tucked in – ideas and solutions that happen by chance are the best!


And now the knitted buttons


I hope the picture explains how they are made.

Knitting instructions:

Cast on 3 sts

Increase in every stitch.

K 3 rows

K2tog across the row

Cast off. Thread the yarn all round the outside and pull tight. Hey Presto! A Button!

It didn’t seem right to give E the cushion without putting something in the pocket. When she makes up stories she starts with a Rabbit called Carrot so I made a finger puppet of ‘Carrot’ for the pocket.

finger puppets

I then realised I would need to make a puppet for her brother R too so ‘Carrot, meet Incy Wincy.’

We are all thrilled with the result!

rabbityou can see more of the cushion’s development here and here



5 responses to “Cushion with a pocket

  1. What a fun and unique idea! I love it. 😉


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  4. Very pretty with the flower! And so functionally thoughtful, to make a pocket AND fill it with knitted treasure ❤


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