Phew! I have finished both E and R’s cushion. So this afternoon I will take them, and the one for my daughter, and see them all in their new home.

E and R had fun arranging the squares for the backs of the cushions, they took it very seriously.


So a project that started whilst blog-hopping on the 19th December with Attic 24’s Little Balls has so far led to the making of a picture frame and 4 cushions.


The colourful blanket of knitted squares, along the back of the sofa, is one I knitted 37 years ago for my first baby – I still use it as a crawling rug when babies come to visit.

I am excited to see how the cushions are received. Fingers crossed!

If you are interested to know more about E’s idea of a ‘Cushion-with-a-pocket'(2nd from the left), there is more on this page.


4 responses to “Excited!

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  3. Looks great! I’m sure they’ll be well received 🙂


    • Thank you Jackie – they loved them!! And were so pleased to have them at last – to E and R it was a very long wait.


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