Skye Mandala

Yesterday was sunny!!! Hurray! At last!

Important to make the most of it, so my daughter and I took the children to South Beach, Studland.

south beach

I had been talking to Sarah about the mandala I had made in Skye and she suggested that Studland might be another place where I could do a similar project – so this was a multi-functional trip (as all good Permaculturalists will appreciate). I wanted to see the place to check it out for a future more focussed time.

I thought I would share the Skye Mandala with you:

(Edit: i had a very small camera, so the photos are not great – but double click on any of them to see them larger)

In March 2006, I went to stay in a cottage on the west coast of Skye.

It was COLD!!!! And very beautiful.


There was a rich array of lichens, rocks and seaweeds all along the coast.
And I could not resist creating a Skye Mandala.







The tide was out when I started collecting seaweed and arranging it in a circle.












The white triangle in the centre is a little nest of empty egg cases from an unknown water creature.










The tide was on its way in when I went for a walk.















And this is where is was when I returned.
































It was fascinating to watch the weed float oh so gently away from the circle of broken bits of china that remained on the sea bed.








The tide was in, night was falling and it began to snow.



7 responses to “Skye Mandala

  1. Beautiful! Working with materials at hand, enjoying the interaction of the tide. Wonderful how the seaweed floated away. Thanks for sharing this.

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    • Thank you Diane, lovely to link with another person who enjoys arranging natural materials. Do you know the work of three British artists: Andy Goldsworthy, Chris Drury and Richard Long? I think you would like them, their work and how they speak about their work inspires my transient creations. I am following your site too! 🙂


  2. So glad you like it. I’m really itching to do another like it and take some video of the tide coming in – waiting for warmer weather.


  3. so serene… love it!

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  4. Such a lovely little adventure 🙂

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