Sand Art

Quinn Creative , another participant in the Spring Postcard Swap dropped by Stonechat and I had a lovely time looking at her blog. I came across this great post ‘What is Art’

In which there is a You tube clip of a Sand Artist in New Zealand

The comments that follow her post, flesh out the discussion of ‘What is Art’ and voice some of the inner conflicts I have lived with, as I try to find a place for my own forms of creativity in my world.

weed mandala

Here is a seaweed and sand mandala I made in October 2007 on Ringstead Beach . It is rare to see so much sand on that beach. My daughter and I were out on a walk with her 3 month old first baby girl, she sat in the sun to feed her baby and I made the mandala – it has been my screen saver picture since and always brings a sense of happiness and calm.


5 responses to “Sand Art

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  2. Thank you Sandra and Quinn Creative and Sand Man. I am deeply moved and nourished by this post.


  3. Gorgeous comment! Thank you so much – it feels good to share this rather precious memory, especially with someone who sees it so beautifully. xxx


  4. What a lovely gift for your daughter (to nourish her as she, in turn, fed her baby) and to the world! It’s beautiful, and the shadows that play around it give it real depth.


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