I am in Solva, South West Wales – my kinda heaven. My mother is Welsh and I spent my childhood Summer holidays on Newgale beach, so when ever I cross the Severn Bridge my heart sings – and it leaps for joy when I see the beach.

Nowadays I stay in Solva when I visit Pembrokeshire and yesterday, as soon as I arrived, I walked along the beach as the tide was at its lowest. The rocks, above a certain height are covered with the most vibrant lime green weed. When I looked at the photos later I realised there was the colour combo I loved in the post card I posted



Black, white, lime green. Delicious combination.

4 responses to “Solva

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  3. Fab colours! With all that seaweed infront of the rocks there must have been some rough seas recently. Newgale is a very special beach at any time of the year with very fond childhood memories for me too, many happy days collecting sea shells, body boarding and playing in rock pools. Happy days. xx Don’t forget to bring back a pebble for Mam-gu xx


    • The photo was taken on the beach at Solva – one I haven’t explored before – but lovely soft sand when the tide is out – it is frosty here this morning (7.15am) and from my bedroom window I can see an artist with his easel painting a scene of the harbour – brrrrrr!


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