A farewell walk

On my last day in Solva I took a walk up the hill to look down on the beach below – still with the mandala in mind – I would have liked to create one by adding to the circle of stones that are there, but because of other commitments on this trip, my mind was not clear enough to give it the space and time it needed. This did not stop me planning one for the future though – and I was delighted I could see the circle from the cliff path.mandala from above

Can you spot it?

However I realise that in the summer the leaves on the bushes will probably hide it from here.

Taking advantage of the break in the weather, I carried on up the hill

looking back

And enjoyed the brilliance of the yellow gorse with its smell of coconut


higher and higher


until getting to the top of the narrow ridge, you can see the valley and the bay on the other side

view from topand when you reach the headland you can look out across St Bride’s Bay

at the end

right at the very top there are bushes thickly covered in lichen – if lichen growth is an indicator of air quality, this speaks volumes

lichenand turning back, as the rain started to fall I came across a joyful little outcrop of wild daffodils

wild daffs

to be continued ………..


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