Great idea Tammy of Daisy Yellow to share the links to 5 blogs

Here are some of my favourites:

Quinn Creative

Great thought provoking articles with lots of links to other blogs and art journaling.


Scrumptious crochet, wonderful colours and stunning photos.


Art in nature and other beautiful photos.


Colour, colour, colour – generous blog with so many wonderful tips on quilting, knitting and painting projects AND a beautiful garden.


Fabulous textile tutorials.


8 responses to “Links

  1. Sandra, Thank you kindly for joining the MISSION to spread the link love. I agree it gets overwhelming when we wade into the ocean of blogs! But sending the love is a good thing.


    • It’s such a brilliant idea! One of your many!!! I’m am very much enjoying the Linky Love and it is INDEED a very good thing!


  2. Great links. Thank you for sharing. I am loving all the inspiration that is being shared.


  3. Great links … so great to find Alma Stoller again. I had lost track of her.
    Thanks for sharing.


  4. Glad you enjoyed my postcard – I see you joined Tammy and her linky love too…. So many wonderful blogs, so little time! 🙂 Thanks for sharing.


    • So true! I don’t think I will be doing this every week, I think my brain would explode with an overload of wonderful creative ideas – but I will definitely dip in every so often, it’s a great idea.


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