Painting with fabric and thread

I had a wonderful day with Lauren!

I am pretty tired but wanted to get some pictures on here tonight…

sdiff starting


pinning blocks on fabric to a background ready to zig-zag all the edgeszigzag

I have done a little of freeform machine embroidery many years ago, so it took a while to get the speed and rhythm sorted, and Lauren was completely calm about me breaking needles as I got going! 3 in all! She reassured me this was quite normalfills

then some filling in with kinda doodling stitching on the colour blocks before adding another layer of smaller shapeslayers

The shop is a feast of colour and texture and all Lauren’s bits and pieces are a delight, even the bowl to hold the pinspins

yarnIt felt like doing an abstract painting. There is more work for me to do on it, other embellishments and filling in stitches, but Lauren was keen for me to do another panel ……

more pics tomorrow – must go to bed – yawn ….. zzzzzzz


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