Stonechat Studio

Despite a mist hovering around the coast to begin with,

we had a glorious day at the Hut yesterday.

What a fabulous place to sort out my collage cuttings and start another colour themed collage – yellows and oranges this time


the view from the collage table:

studio.coll There were quite a few hut owners around enjoying this May Day Bank Holiday, so I was able to have a chat with some I had not met before – there is a real feeling of camaraderie in this little community by the sea.

Then Sarah and I went for a walk – there’s always new things to see, like a stone ‘sparrow’ that perches on the rocks


sparrowAnd Sarah showed me some of her favourite spots and we talked of what our creative response might be to each place and where we might create future mandalas. I got very excited about the thought of being there with small groups of people and each having a go at arranging our bodies as sculptures around and amongst the rocks – must take a picture of the spot that inspired that thought another time, it was right next to here:



Not as far as here

viewAnd a bit further along from here. This area of flat rock has mandala potential methinks.

waterfallThen back for a bit more collaging, but not quite enough time before it started to get cold, so Yippeeee!!!!! I’m going back today!

I left at 7.30pm just as a huge tanker was going past

boatOh Happy Day!

Studio Day is this Sunday May 12th – come along and join us 11 – 3.






5 responses to “Stonechat Studio

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  2. It is a 40minute drive and I haven’t stayed over yet ….. 🙂


  3. It’s no wonder you’re such a creative spirit, with a view like that! ❤


    • It really is a very inspiring place! And so lovely to be able to share it with you. One of the great features is that there is no mobile phone signal there – and no electricity so distractions are kept to a minimum. I’ll be there again on Sunday – eek! Exciting!


      • I love your enthusiasm 🙂 Your pics are likely as close as I’ll ever get to this lovely place… Do you stay overnight? How far is your drive from home? More than a stone’s throw to stonechat?


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