Grass Art

One of our lovely blog-readers sent me a photo of her latest grass-cutting experiment which was inspired by my post on 22 May about cutting grass spirals.

She persuaded her husband to leave a wave of daisies making it’s way across the garden – I love it!









In turn I have been inspired  – thank you Pat!

Ooooh! this is what I LOVE about blogland!

And I too have made waves!


I put the mower on the lowest cut to mark out the wavy lines


And then cut the remaining waves on the highest cut.


(Here you can see the new fence in the background. The ground has been dug, covered with farmyard manure and then black plastic – by Autumn I hope it will all be rotted down enough to plant fruit trees and bushes)

It is not as easy to get the stripes as even as when cutting a spiral – ideally you need to be sure that each stripe is not wider than the cut of the mower, which I did not quite manage to do this time.

If you want to have a go – and please let me know if you do! – My tip is that you cut the whole lawn to the same level every 3rd or 4th cut, and create a different pattern with the next cut.

When I kept the spiral intact throughout the summer, the long grass stripes created their own little eco-system with ant hills etc and the lawn took ages to recover – ok in an orchard but not if it is the only bit of grass you have.

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