Daisy wig finished


The wig adorned with crocheted daisies is now finished and in the shop!

(The original inspiration for this wig came from a picture I found on Google Images when looking for inspiration for a pixie hat. The picture did not lead me to a pattern so I created one for myself. I have only just discovered the designer Megan Reardon on Ravelry. Thank you Megan! You have inspired some fun projects!)

So many of you seemed to like my Daisies post, so I hope you like the finished article.

And now to finish the cushions …


7 responses to “Daisy wig finished

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  2. Really lovely – we’ve just had the Race for Life run here in the UK where women run/walk/jog to raise money and awareness of cancer. Many of them wear pink wigs. This would be ideal for them to wear in pink! Maybe next year….


    • Thank you for visiting – it’s GREAT when visitors leave comments – glad you like the wig! and it looks like it made you smile! Ha!!


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