Cake Stand required

It was my granddaughter’s Christening this weekend – we had the most wonderful family gathering in the fabulous sunshine we are revelling in this summer.


Friends brought an amazing display of gorgeous cakes



And cake stands were needed.

We had a cardboard one from a birthday party last year and  I wondered if I could make another one

So I gathered mounting card and paper plates (i wondered if old cereal packets would do, but I think you would have to glue 3 layers together to get the stability required)



I roughly drew round the ‘fairy castle’ cardboard stand ….

Cut the slots in the bases and tried it out


Then cut the shape out with a Stanley knife, straightening the curvy lines to make it easy


Cut crosses in paper plates2caud 2cac

Did some doodling to decorate


And hey presto! A cake stand!



3 responses to “Cake Stand required

  1. Those cakes,,,,,they looked beautiful. Well done to you for making that cake stand. How clever, just to be able to work it out like that, The finished result displaying the wonderful cakes looked gorgeous. You are so creative. 🙂

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  2. You are so very clever and creative – inspirational too! xxxx

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    • 🙂 Thank you Linda! The cake stand was done whilst I was supposed to be cleaning the house!!! I think much of my creativity comes out of distraction techniques – anything to avoid housework! Hey ho!!!


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