Meadow Mandalas

In response to iHanna’s post about the mandala making Sumo Paint tool, I told her that about 10 years ago I used to take photos, make oodles of copies and then cut segments from them to glue together to make mandalas.

She asked to see them so here are a couple from the time:

the first I made from a photo of a bunch of crocuses growing in my garden

crocusand it has a smaller mandala of grasses in the centre

the second is from a photo taken of the grasses and buttercups in the meadow in front of my house at the time

grasspicI think I had played around with it in Photoshop a bit

Here is the mandala:

grassesNow if I could find an app to make THAT kind of mandala I’d be a VERY happy mandala maker! Please let me know if you know of one.





3 responses to “Meadow Mandalas

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  2. Wow, it’s beautiful! I thought it would be b/w and more cut & paste look, but it’s amazing!


    • Thank you Hanna, there is something beautiful about repetition isn’t there. I have been playing with this grasses picture on Sumo Paint too!


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