St David’s Cathedral

Last Saturday was a drizzly day, just right for visiting St. David’s Cathedral, and looking at all the different patterns in the stone work



in the stained glass windows, on the painted ceilings and the wonderful use of recycled tiles on the floor



the children lit candles and made wishes for people they thought of who were poorly



and I had a little chat with St. David on behalf of my Mum who is 85 and no longer well enough to travel back to her beloved Wales. We always take her back a pebble from Newgale Beach which she puts in her garden next to a cheeky little stone dragon.

Then back to the flat to wash shells

1wash 1sh

and use them to inspire pictures

1face 00aliend 00alien


Six year old E and 3 year old R are always full of creative ideas, after drawing pictures they wanted to make a book to keep them in, so we folded some scrap paper in half and sewed the pages together.

Then they decided they wanted little books to hang round their necks and we decorated them each with a limpet shell

a 00books

Lucky that Granny always has a needle and thread wherever she goes


2 responses to “St David’s Cathedral

  1. Patricia Yonwin

    We had a great holiday in that area a few years back, when the Yachting World Dayboats had their annual championship in Fishguard. I thought St. David’s a lovely town or is it a city because of the Cathredral. Those little books are such a nice idea……


    • Yes it is the smallest city in the UK. It is a gorgeous area and where my Mum grew up, so it feels like home. The books worked out well as little journals – i don’t know where the idea to have one to hang round the neck came from, (it was 3 year old R who thought of it) but I love being able to help the children bring their ideas into reality. Thank you for your lovely comment Pat.


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