Great Aunt Sue (my sister) arrived, full of energy and enthusiasm determined to build ‘the biggest sand castle ever!’.

Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of this magnificent construction as on the evening of her arrival we ordered the very worst Chinese Take-away any of us has ever had and I spent the whole night being very ill indeed – next day I slept.

So thank goodness for GREAT (!) Aunt Sue as they all went off to build enormous castles on Newgale beach and had a lovely day.

Next day there was a raft race across Solva harbour which we went to watch,



again no photos of the actual race as R got a bit bored waiting for things to happen, and I still wasn’t feeling great so he and I went back to the cafe and shared a bowl of chips.

Sue and E loved the event though and were full of all the antics of the 10 teams who had to build a raft and collect a passenger from the other side of the harbour.

We celebrated what would have been our Dad’s 92nd birthday by eating some delicious, fresh caught crab and lobster – his favourite.


Sue had gone on a mission to discover locally caught shellfish and found one down a side alley in Upper Solva. This is just what our Dad would do, at home in Dorset, when we were on holiday in UK or in Portugal.  He’d search out local fishermen and often persuade them to take him out fishing with them. He’d come home beaming from ear to ear with a glorious haul of beautiful fresh fish for supper.

For a small village, there are some interesting shops in Solva, my daughter had a great time in Window on Wales and found some really nice clothes and some presents. 

In Simon Swinfield’s Gallery I admired a delightful nightlight burner, and my lovely sister  bought it for me as a gift for inviting her to join us – she was having such a wonderful time reliving happy childhood memories digging on the beach.


I couldn’t wait to light it when I got home, and surround it with the shells the children had collected. It throws a very romantic light on the little carving of a buddha that I got in Mid-Wales some years ago.

One evening the children were far too lively to go to bed so we took them to another little cove near St. David’s called Caerfai

Here are some pics I took a couple of years ago, in better light


and when the tide was out00cpo

there is a nice long steep climb down to the beach


this time, it was windy and the tide was in when we went, with waves crashing on the rocks. It felt a bit spooky, we looked for pebbles for Mamgu (my Mum – Mamgu, pronounced Mam- gee with a hard ‘G’ is the Welsh word for Granny) and found the egg of a dog fish

00dogfwhich E and R were a bit scared of and thought it looked more like a monster egg or an alien egg.

We found a picture of a dogfish on the internet later – which looks disappointingly benign



I’ve no idea if this is the same type of dogfish as the egg layer.

We had a truly wonderful, magical time in Wales and although the journey home took us 8 hours, with exercise stops with the little ones, we all loved it and hope to return together sometime.


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