Creative Mix

Different forms of creativity often thread their way through my day and yesterday had the usual rich mix:

0001first of all I started to sort, tidy and clear in my garage and came across old electrical cables of long dead goods – I can’t throw anything away before checking it out for bits and pieces that might be able to be used in collages etc so I smashed the transformer with a hammer – it took some smashing!! –


And just in case you too have ever wondered, there really isn’t anything in there that can be used, but it’s good to know.

Then 3 of my grandchildren 6, 3 and 1 came for the morning and we made dens on the garden under a huge old Laura Ashley tablecloth I’ve had since the 70s000den

and houses for fairies out of cereal packets and egg boxes

000fairy 000fwelc 000fwel


so much thought and care and chatting about fairies and what they would like, went into this – I even had to get the step ladder out so they could climb up and pick little green acorns from the oak tree for the fairies, as fairies make tea with these you know.

And after they went home I went to do some filming of a huge construction on my son-in-law’s dairy farm as I am putting together a photo and video record of the whole event.



In another life I think I would like to be a film maker and editor.

I’d love to hear how creativity weaves its way through your day.

I love your comments, keep'em coming :-)

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