Arty Crafty days continued – Collage

The wonderfully relaxing art of collage …. there is nothing I find more relaxing than spending a couple of hours leafing through magazine pictures gathering pictures for a paper collage


I seem to take ages doing it as I go into a sort of trance, so I wondered how much could be achieved in our workshop as we only had just over an hour after our mandala painting – I was amazed …….

Jill was delighted to find this ‘creative thinking’ piece for her collage


Pat chose a wedding theme


I can’t remember if this was themed by subject, but I love the colours Joan put together, and the touch of paint added to bring the whole together0000ca

Pat’s had an Indian feel, and used flyers of events that had happened, or were about to, in the Village Hall0000cb

and here is Sue’s festive feast!


What a BRILLIANT time we had!

It was great to be with such an enthusiastic group – up for trying all the diverse crafty ideas I threw in front of them – AND they plan to continue to meet to have time to pursue some of the techniques over a longer period of time – HAVE FUN you wonderful women! I’m sure you will!

And a BIG thank you goes out to Pat for getting us all together – thanks Pat.

I love your comments, keep'em coming :-)

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