Doodles Black and White



Now I’ve started on the black and white theme I just want to keep on going and my very talented creative sister, who does exquisite detailed work, has got the bug too – she sent me this work in progress



I love the way we all take a theme and work it in our own unique way. Her work is very soothing to look at – I love the repetitions.

A while ago I put a doodle on the blog as a PDF for readers to download

here is what I have done with it so far, following the black and white theme, more to do



and some more from my sketchbook


all these will be added to in odd stolen moments of the day, and in the evening in front of the TV,





whilst waiting for an appointment,




over a coffeedoodl




or on the telephone ….



how do you fill those precious little pockets of time?

10 responses to “Doodles Black and White

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  4. My fave is your swirly one at the top. It reminds me of the ocean ❤


  5. spirals spirals in my eyes turn me here turn me there endless waves of the brain

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  6. I am interested by my response (closer to reaction…..) about the idea of ‘filling precious little pockets of time’. I DON’T WANT TO FILL THEM!! Allowing myself that it is ‘enough’ to sit, breathe and be aware is a challenge and usually becomes an exploration of why I feel so guilty if there is even a sniff of actually enjoying ‘doing nothing’. My mind fairly LEAPT (is that a word?) at the chance to have another thing to do…so I will now add wondering why I don’t just get on with enjoying doing things instead of wondering why I feel guilty when I am not! And other such tortuous circles….. Linda xxxx


    • Wow – interesting!!! I will be noticing with more awareness how I feel at not having something to do at all times!!! I love the sense of achievement it brings to know I have created things in those little pockets of time – AND really absolutely recognise the value of DOING nothing and BEING more present. Thanks Linda. xx


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