Post Card Swap! Nov 13

This is my third iHanna Post Card Swap.

I LOVE making all these wonderful creative connections across the world. During your visit to this blog, it would be fabulous if you would be able to take the time to put yourself on our Map. It is fun to see where everyone comes from.

Here are the cards I have sent this year – all made from A1 size collages cut to post card size and further embellished with doodles, paint and washi tape.

0pc DSCF4664 DSCF4659 DSCF4657 DSCF4665 DSCF4661 DSCF4658 DSCF4655 DSCF4660 DSCF4662 DSCF4656 DSCF4663

And you can see cards from my previous swaps here, here and here!

Go over to Hanna’s blog and see all the links to all the other fabulous swappers, truly inspirational!


15 responses to “Post Card Swap! Nov 13

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  5. I got one, thank you. I love it. I have 3 more to go. Love getting mail.


  6. Hi, Sandra!
    I received your card yesterday and it’s SO pretty! I love the feel of it, all the texture and the embellishments.
    I sent one out to you last week. Please let me know when it arrives? I’m a bit anxious about it this time for some reason. I’ve done four or five of Hanna’s swaps myself.
    Happy arting!


    • It has arrived!!! and very beautiful it is too! THANK YOU!!!
      I have 5 so far – the variety is fabulous – looking forward to the next 5! Happy Swapping!


  7. Really lovely! I’m part of the swap and mailing your card today. I just followed your blog too!


  8. I love them, I would love to receive one!


  9. Great cards! Lots of fun detailing and lovely atmosphere 🙂


  10. Sandra, love the wintery feel these postcards give me. All so pretty, thanks for sharing!


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