A walk near Toller Porcorum

Stormy weather leading up to Christmas with lashings of wind and rain, fallen tress, power cuts and flooded roads … would we all be able to gather together as planned?Thankfully things calmed and on Christmas Eve my son, daughter-in-law, their twins and 3 year old were able to get here from London. They set off at 5am to be sure of missing further bad weather.

With 8 grandchildren under 7, and the babies now all toddling around, I had the (brilliant!) idea of hiring the village hall for a few hours where we all gathered for tea and the kids were able to race around and all play together without wrecking anyone’s house!

We had a great time, and Christmas Day passed without any fights over toys – a minor miracle – hope your Christams Day was all you wished it to be.

Everyone safely back in their own homes, then more storms and rain. AND we are forecast with more gale force winds again tonight.

So today a friend and I made the most of clear skies and glorious sunshine and went for a really Wonderful Winter Walk. Again we went to west Dorset. We parked at Powerstock Common and walked towards Toller Porcorum. The Latin name seems curious in deepest Dorset.

toller1it was pretty boggy in placestoller3frost lingered in the shadowy bits
toller4but the sun shone and showed up the red of the willows around Toller church.

tollerWe met no-one on the walk and Toller High Street (!) was SO very quiet

toller5 toPilsdon Pen in the distance, an ancient hill fort and said to be the highest point in Dorset.

t tollethe footpath took us through what looked like an Eventing course for horses, with sturdy jumps made of tree trunks

tolland then back into the woodland of the nature reserve.


A short drive to lunch at The Crown at Uploders …tcrowndelicious Watercress and Celeriac soup, with garlic bread

tegacrownon the way home …

tegardonbreathtaking views of Egardon and the Marshwood Vale beyond

tegardto quote my walking pal, “sheep and shadows”.

tegaand glimpses of the sea on the horizon

tegAaaah! – restores my soul and recharges my batteries.

2 responses to “A walk near Toller Porcorum

  1. Thanks for the walk 🙂 … beautiful pics! Happy New Year ❤ Sandra


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