Hod Hill walk

Still savouring Sunday, with more pictures from Sunday’s wonderful walk in the crisp, clear Spring sunshine.


the track leading to Hod HillDSCF5983

We had to take a diversion to get to the hill fort as the path was blocked because of the damage caused by recent flooding DSCF5985

wonderful to be up so high – the views from Hill Forts are always 360 degrees and magnificent on a clear dayDSCF5986 DSCF5987 DSCF5988

the tracery of branches, which will soon be full of leavesDSCF5989

River Stour glinting in the distanceDSCF5990 DSCF5992

‘To see a clear sky, in detail’ !DSCF5993

our shadows from the ridgeDSCF5994 DSCF5997 DSCF5998 DSCF5999 DSCF6001

I could imagine a fairy reclining against this tree, with picnic table besideDSCF6002

view of Stourpaine as our walk takes us back to the village, wild violets were in flower and there was the promise of bluebells to come.


2 responses to “Hod Hill walk

  1. Beautiful photos, everything is so green and peaceful looking!


    • Thank you Janette, we have had such a wet windy winter here, Spring comes as a relief! I have REALLY enjoyed seeing all your sunny pictures through our grey days, they have warmed me up!!!


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