Ripple, Ripple, Ripple

My mind is awash with ripple combinations as I go through the design stage for my lovely new project.

The ripple pattern is so relaxing and satisfying to crochet – as I go up and down along the row I’m wondering what the elements of this pattern are that makes it so soothing.

I think it is the combination of sections of plain sailing and then a little bit of concentration, so the mind can wander for a while, but is interrupted before getting into troublesome thoughts.

And then there is the interest of seeing how one colour plays against the next; do they lie quietly together side by side snoozing; or do they zing together and bounce off each other in a jive rhythm; or glide along to a gentle waltz.

Lucy’s wonderful ripple bedspread – what a joy to behold! is worked in a 2, 4, 2, 2, 4, 2 repeat – I tried that out (the sample on the left)


But when I put that  against ‘Summer Flight’  the swirls of the painting and the crocheted ripples looked too frenzied together – not cosy and relaxing. Do you agree?

So I tried a 2, 8, 2,2,8,2 repeat (the sample on the right)

This did not seem quite right either

Next experiment was with a 2, 7, 2,2, 7,2 repeat with some wider bands of colour to keep the energy of the pattern calmer – I think I’m getting close to the effect I’m after.


Just look at those neon colours leaping about on a dull day. (I won’t be using this colour combination for the throw, this will be a cushion cover)

Next I thought I would try out the wider bands in the 2, 8, 2, 2, 8, 2 repeat, for another cushion cover.

Multiples of 22 + 3.          3 times 22 + 3 = 69



I think 0f Aztec or Guatemala when I see this colour combo.

Crumbs – I still want to try out another combo now – 2, 10, 2, 2, 10, 2 with the wide bands 3 rows wide rather than 4.

For this combination, x 3 is too big for a cushion cover, so I’m gonna go for it and make it throw size:

Multiples of 26 + 3.  6 times 26 + 3 = 159

So I will Ch 159 for the foundation row in the pale turquoise (aqua), exactly the same colour as the ‘frame’.

I will be on a train for nearly 3 hours tomorrow – perfect!!! I’ll be able to make a good start.

Buzzing with excitement!!!

And then I made another throw with the same ripple size in pinks and turquoise which you can see by clicking here.


6 responses to “Ripple, Ripple, Ripple

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  4. oooH, thank you Linda – love your thinking – it is really helping, especially the way you describe the ‘visual background’. It doesn’t HAVE to be a uniform repeating pattern, but I’m thinking that would be more restful – loving the exploration – and loving even more the discussion !!!! xxxx


  5. I agree that it is getting closer to complementing ‘Summer Flight’ with the wider bands. For me, the painting holds together because the ‘quietest’ colours form a visual background in their broad sweeps and swirls and can easily hold the visual interest created by the smaller swoops and splashes of the more intense, contrasting colours. Yes, lets see some more combos! Does it have to be a completely uniform repeating band-width pattern? Can you throw in random bands, just coz you feel like it?? The painting doesn’t have a pattern repeat that is obvious?


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