Throw Progress

I took the beginnings of the throw on the train when I went to stay with my son and his family in London, setting off from our little country station


Started the night before just to set the pattern, I managed to do nearly a row whilst waiting for the train and had done this much by the time we got to Bournemouth


We had a delightful and very camp ticket inspector who gasped with joy when he saw my ripples! And held it up declaring

“Look what she’s doing isn’t it FAAABulous, LOOK it goes up and down as well!”

Very unusual on an English train!!! The usual reserve broken and little slightly self-conscious smiles and nods all round.

People often ask me how long it takes to make things, which I find hard to answer because I do it for relaxation and in between other things and whilst watching children play or in front of the TV – so how long it takes is irrelevant to me – but to answer the question, I timed a row of the throw – it took about 11 mins.

But a better answer would be to say, how long does it take you to read a book.

Later I was on the long tube journey to the outer reaches of London and a burly bloke says in a cockney accent – “Gor blimey, slow down , you’re makin me dizzy” as I thundered on seeing how much I could do on the journey.

I love the way doing crafts in public often gives the go ahead for conversation.

And now I am home again here is the throw so far


I’m loving doing it and the way the picture is guiding the colour sequence – not sure it actually works and I can already see how I would like to have done it differently – but that is the creative mind – never completely satisfied – always thinking of the next project.

I think I would have preferred to do it in this sequence with 4 single rows every so often


I briefly contemplated unpicking the throw, but it is not only the time and work invested in the piece – but also the happy memories as it’s made – I can always do another one!

4 responses to “Throw Progress

  1. Lookin’ good, Sandra 🙂 And reading a book is a genius comparison for those who ask how long it takes to finish a project! I’ll need to remember that for next time someone asks me that 😉 ❤ ❤


    • So glad you can relate to the comparison Jackie! I was glad when I thought of it, it seemed to neatly hit the spot and came to me when I was on the train. i do so love train journeys – a little capsule of time away from daily life allowing my thoughts free rein.


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