Crochet calm

When life gives you lemons – crochet!


Life has been a bit stressful recently, blogland is one of my glorious escapes, and


so is sitting in a colourful corner of my garden next to drying poppy heads, whilst taking a little break from brain aching computer work, preparing for an important meeting tomorrow.


The colours in the crochet chime so beautifully with the multicoloured hydrangea ….

corner to corner crochet

… still using Summer Flight palette in search of a winning combination, but I have added another Stylecraft DK pink, it’s called ‘Fondant‘.

I am following a ‘Corner to Corner Throw’ Free Pattern found on this lovely blog, ‘Crochet Between Two Worlds‘, which I will make into another cushion cover.

colour combination

And there in the garden is my favourite combination of pinks and oranges, with parsley seed heads adding some lime green – yummy.

flowers, colour combination


The children are particularly intrigued that a bush can have all these different coloured flowers on it – and so am I – and it goes so well with the 80’s curtain fabric in the spare bedroom – love those kind of happy accidents



ok back to work …..

Later addition:

After a trying day it was truly blissful to sit till past 10pm on the bench building the rows of crochet, listening to birdsong amidst the scent of night-scented stocks and watching delicate little white moths flit about – sooooooo soooooooooothing.

How lucky I feel to live in such a peaceful place.

5 responses to “Crochet calm

  1. Indeed, your garden looks very peaceful… Hope these days are less stressful for you ❤ LUV the colourful flowers with your matching yarn! 🙂 ❤ ❤


  2. lizandlifestyle

    Those colors are so vibrant!


    • Thanks for dropping by Liz – ‘vibrant’ – great description – that’s why they make my heart sing and give me energy to tackle the task ahead!

      Liked by 1 person

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