First Cosy C.A.L.


This is my first Crochet ALong. Usually I like to do my own thing and the Crochet-A-Long or Knit-A-Long have never appealed before now. (There are loads of wonderful projects you can join in with on Ravelry.)

pperBUT …… life is a bit stressful at the moment with lots of legal stuff for me to get my head around and lots of paperwork to gather and order and formulate and I really am trying to be efficient and ordered and …….. it is just not ME

– it makes my brain hurt!

Outbursts of crochet punctuate my day in order to re-boot my thinking ability!

I have been crocheting acres of ripples, in these odd moments, amassing lots of blankets, throws and cushion covers that need edging, making-up, or finishing in some way – when I can give my attention to them…..

ripple fest

It is so soothing  just to crochet without having to work out complicated patterns – stripe after glorious stripe of relaxation – an antedote to all the legalese.

SO it feels really comforting to start a project that someone else has designed. No thinking necessary – bliss – restful – snuggly!!! And who better to follow than Lucy at Attic24. She is an absolute master of the tutorial, all questions answered with wonderfully clear photos.

The colour palette she is using is based on late summer to autumn flowers and I am following it as closely as I can with the colours I have in my stash of Stylecraft Special DK. They certainly cheer up a dull November afternoon.

Here are the colours I have used so far, starting from the first 2 rows in ‘Petrol’ at the top of the picture:


Petrol, Meadow,



Bright Pink, Lime,

Khaki, Wisteria,

Magenta, Clematis


This has started as a blanket for a single bed and with a starting chain of 98 stitches. I’m using a 4.5mm hook. The pattern  it has just enough variety to keep it interesting and easy enough to be totally relaxing. Just the side edges needing a bit of concentration to keep them straight.

And what is it about the colours that means I’m excited to see how the next colour looks in the mix! Scrummy!

The sisterhood of crocheting along with women (not seen a man posting about crocheting along to this one yet) all over the world gives me such a warm glow. I’m enjoying this crochet-a-long more than I ever thought I would.


7 responses to “First Cosy C.A.L.

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  4. Hello – I followed the link to your blog from the comment you left on mine – what a great site. I will sign up to follow your new posts using Blogtrottr so I get an email whenever you post. You seem to be in the south of England – pity because our interests seem to be very similar! I am always hoping to meet a kindred spirit in blogland who actually lives round the corner! Kathryn xxx (Crafternoon Treats)

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    • Hi Kathryn! So great to have you along!!! I’ve just been to read your ‘About’ page and yes! we have remarkably similar stories and interests. I’ve always wanted to visit Yorkshire, so … one day ….. you never know! I’m following your blog too – feels great that we will keep in touch with what we both get up to!


  5. A gorgeous blanket, I’m enjoying watching the crochet-along. I really like your collection of blankets as well, there’s something very satisfying about lining your nest with woolly things in the winter.

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