Portland Ripple

ripplestDecember sunshne! So out with the camera for a ripple fashion shoot.

rockthe colours remind me of Portland – the stone, the sea, the grass and the lichen

owla rather coy owl


with a ripple wing, and teasel tiara


and a not so cosy armchair


or throne ………    Tout Quarry is just one of Portland’s many hidden gems.

You can see the colours used in order in the next post.


9 responses to “Portland Ripple

  1. Lovely colours. I’m now working on my third ripple (not Lucy’s pattern, but similar), ripple blankets are so much fun to make!


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    • Glad you like the colours, it was fun to work them out. Ripples really are so relaxing to crochet aren’t they. Have you got photos of your 3 blankets? I will have to pop over for a look around.


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  3. Great idea for a photo shoot, Sandra! And so fun to share this on my Knitting With Heart fb page 🙂 ♥ ❤


    • Glad you like it Jackie, I was heading for the beach hut, realised I didn’t have time to get there before an appointment, so stopped off at the Sculpture Park – necessity being the mother of invention! So glad I did, I will definitely go there again. And now I will go to see your FB page, thanks for sharing! 🙂

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  4. Gorgeous colours. For a moment my heart raced…..I am from Portland, Maine, USA, now living in Ireland. We don’t have our Portlands in common but crochet we do. I shall have a look around.

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