Ripple Throw

throwwThe Portland Ripple Throw has found its home with my grandsons …..sofabto snuggle under whilst watching T.V……… to stretch out on when Granny is trying to photograph it


corners being kicked up as the boys practised long-jump across it…

portlandrippleand big brother was delighted to discover he could still see through the blanket when he covered himself up as a GHOST MONSTER


and could chase his little brotherghost

happy days!

For those of you who would like to know the details:

Portland Ripple is made from Lucy at Attic24’s Neat Ripple Pattern

Using Stylecraft Special DK , acrylic machine washable yarn and a  4.5mm hook

It uses Multiples of 14 sts plus 3 for turning.             12 x 14 = 168 +3 = 171

So chain 171 as the foundation row.

I really don’t like counting chain stitches, so I usually just chain about the width I want the finished piece to be, and then do about 10 more chains and start on the pattern – any chains left over, I simple unpick before sewing the end in.

This is my random colour order, 2 rows for each colour:

1 – 10:       Lime, Parchment, White, Aster, Silver, Cream, Parchment, Lime, Meadow, Aspen,

11 – 20:     Silver, White, Parchment, Cream, Aster, Aspen, Lime, Cloud Blue, Silver, Parchment,

21 – 30:     Cream, White, Aspen, Aster, Cloud Blue, Meadow, Parchment, Lime, Silver, Cream,

31 – 40:     Aster, White, Cloud Blue, Parchment, Aspen, Meadow, Silver, Aster, Cream, Lime,

41 – 50:     Cloud Blue, White, Aspen, Meadow, Lime, Parchment, Cloud Blue, Cream, Aster, Lime.

My finished throw measures   104cm (40.5”) wide x 130cm (51”) long

The boys seem to like it! – what do you think?


8 responses to “Ripple Throw

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  3. It’s a gorgeous blanket, and how lovely to see it being so appreciated! I really like the colours you’ve chosen, they match the Portland coast in your photoshoot perfectly. CJ xx

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  4. You gorgeous, talented woman! Love these colours – good to see them in the setting of their conception as well as the setting of their use xxxx

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    Liked by 1 person

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