Puddleduck Walk

PuddleduckMy daughter was not feeling well yesterday, so I took the children on one of our favourite walks, so that she could have a rest. That’s Master R striding on ahead.


eager to get to the swing, which someone has made rather high, so it is a bit more like a trapeze – Miss E the first to try it outPswing

Pudl“Take a picture of the reflection Granny,” says Master R – magic!


then off to splash in muddy puddlesPud3 Pud sisin which they were amazed to find ice iceand spent some time trying to find big pieces to hold up in the sunshine,



or look at each other through

ice 2






then back through the woodspudpathh


a game of Pooh Sticks at the next bridge into a very full river

pudband back home to a cosy fire.

8 responses to “Puddleduck Walk

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  2. So much mud! How wonderful to have so much mud . . . my grand-daughters (and I) would love it.

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  3. So much fun to see the simple stuff through the eyes of children 🙂 ♥ ❤


  4. Perfect walk then! Hope A feels better soon xxxx

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