Robin Haiku

A friend read my Christmas Day post and told me about Basho’s Haikus

I looked, I liked, I responded!

ROBIN                                                                                                                               Robin in the tree                                                                                                                 Sings clear out to sun shining                                                                                   Whilst I clear brambles

4 responses to “Robin Haiku

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  2. I’ll check with Jess xx

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  3. ooooohhhh….I haven’t had my Basho books out for AGES! Will fossick around or them tomorrow. Jess did one of her modules on a ‘flowing Haiku’. She filmed people from 2 different vantage points at the same time, moving round a small space in a pre-determined (I think) dance sequence, with syllables painted on dark t-shirts, front and back. Every so often the syllables formed a haiku on one or other of the camera angles. It was discombobulating and exciting and there was some deep and meaningful point to it all which I have since forgotten!

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