…..walk from Stinsford Church

walk4k w5a

Following the path alongside the river

I love the way the trees form an arch and the way the winter sun slants in to light the way

w5cemerging as we near Lower Bockhampton

wbdand turn back when we reach the bridge

w6aand take a left fork in the path


ooo00000 those reflections – they always get me, and I just have to stop and look, and watch the light play on the surface of the water



and when I can bring myself to leave, we head back cross the water meadows


under a clear blue sky

wc1which reminds me of when I was having Life Coaching some years ago and my Life Coach, Duncan, gave me the phrase                        “to see a clear sky, in detail”          w1a




past quintessential thatched cottages and grazing swans


and past the old sluice gatesw2ad



still lying midfield.

walk1asThere’s something about rusty old contraptions that make me feel like I want to sit down and draw them – anyone else fascinated ? walk2af

they seem like sculptures of history to me.wdorchAt the end of the meadow through a muddy gateway, and back into town.              I realise I do much more walking in the Winter. It must be because gardening takes up so much time in other seasons.                                                                     You can see the beginning of the walk here.


7 responses to “…..walk from Stinsford Church

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  2. Another lovely walk, Sandra 🙂 You might be drawn to drawing rusty old contraptions, but I am drawn to your snowless winter wonderland walks! 🙂 ♥ ❤

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    • Ha Ha! Glad you enjoyed this walk – I was deciding where to go for a walk the other day and found myself wondering what sort of walk you would enjoy seeing! Would it be a beach walk, a woodland walk or hill walk? No snow here – really quite mild so far. It seems you do not have quite as much snow as usual, this year, is that making life easier for you?

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      • Awe, thanks for thinking of me, Sandra ❤ I love tagging along on all those walks!
        Our winter so far has been the mildest anyone seems to recall. December started out with sizeable snowbanks, but constantly fluctuated between melting/snowing—with temps dipping to lows of -43ºC and as high as +10ºC!!! New Year's Eve at midnight was +3ºC with grass peeping out everywhere 🙂 January has us back to snowbanks :-/ But oh well… any break in winter is welcome! Now with the days getting longer, winter seems doable again. Only another 3 or so months before it (hopefully) melts for good 🙂 ♥ ❤

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        • I was just looking at this walk again, as I might re-visit soon, now in high summer. And I noticed that I had not replied – sorry !!!!
          Hope the summer weather is being kind to you. xx


  3. Thanks for sharing your walk. So many wonderful images! And, yes I’d love to draw that contraption! Did you?

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    • So glad you enjoyed coming along to walk with me! I never seem to give myself the time for drawing nowadays – maybe that should be a New Year’s resolution. Thanks for stopping by. xx


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