Let’s get ready to Renga

Melissa from TheAranArtisan and I have been caught by a delicious poetry ‘bug’ (I tried to think of a better word than ‘bug’ – a more positive word.’ Obsession’ would not be right, becuase it is more of a playful interest – any suggestions all you wonderful wordsmiths out there?) It all started with my little poem about my wonderfully solitary Christmas Day. A friend replied with a poem that looked to me like a Haiku, I replied in Haiku style and a ‘conversation’ ensued.

And then – the magic of Blogland – Maia left the most wonderful ‘tutorial’ for me in the Comments and introduced me to RENGA!

Melissa sent me the first stanza, I replied with a couplet. I am so excited that we both enjoyed the to and fro of stanza/couplet ….                                                    Here is our Renga:

While in the garden
His feet became quite sodden
From the sideways rain

It is sunny here today                                                                                                        No wet feet, i’m glad to say

Just beneath the soil
Seeds burst towards the warm sky
Cotyledons form

Those first leaves bravely pushing
Upwards ready for the Spring

Flowers sleep but still
Getting strength beyond compare
From moon’s mighty pull

Snowdrops planted a year ago                                                                                   Eager now for them to show


Anyone else want to join in? You are very welcome.


4 responses to “Let’s get ready to Renga

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  3. Thanks to both you wonderful ladies, Sandra and Maia for opening my eyes to the world of this beautiful style of poetry. Xx

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  4. Maia MacGillivray

    I’m glad this took hold for you; they can be a real joy to help/watch unfold.

    Another bit for the stew: Clark Strand’s wonderful little book on Zen and haiku, Seeds from a Birch Tree. It helped me find my way out of a drought (at that point I couldn’t even call it a block any more) that had lasted nearly 10 years. I still pick it up when I need a little fuel for my fire.

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