With some excitement, I have just realised it’s Monday! The day to post a photo in Jamie’s 52 week challenge. The subject this week, Week 2, is COLD.


Ice doodle swirls with

Memories of colder times

And challenging Winters

Week 1: New                                                                                                                  Other Photographers joining the challenge so far: Garry, Melissa, Erika.                     And of course Blue Daisy

Melissa and I got in to a lovely Renga ‘conversation’ a few posts ago. If anyone would like to start one or follow the Haiku above with a Renga response, I’d be happy to Renga along with you. (Am I the only one who thinks Tango when writing Renga?)

Here is Jamie’s list for her 52 week challenge in case you are tempted:

52-weeks-of-photosHere are links to Melissa’s ‘Cold’ ,  Erika’s ‘Cold’, and Jamie’s ‘Cold’

10 responses to “Cold

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  3. Great photo – loving the shapes and ‘shades of cold’. Very glad you decided to join in on the challenge! Reminds me of home, too – skating on frozen ponds…

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  6. Hey, I like that you linked to the other contributors. I shall do the same, but tomorrow, after a good nights rest. Night night.

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  7. This is a gorgeous shot. It looks like glass. And your Haiku is excellent, as always. I will be posting mine in a little bit here. I’m having loads of fun with this!

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