Sunlight on branches                                                                                               Noticed by Little Miss M                                                                                         Looking up, not down

and another Haiku insists on joining in

Low winter sunlight                                                                                              Bouncing around high branches                                                                             Copper glowing rays

Week 3 of the 52 week photo challenge hosted by BlueDaisyz                                I’m enjoying this! – I know it is still only week 3, but so far …… a joy!                 And now I’m noticing a few other regular themes on other blogs: Five on Friday, Fashion Friday, Paint Party Friday hmmm something about Fridays …… …. ..  Ah! here’s a Tuesday challenge: Stick it Down Tuesday

The picture above, my ‘Light’ picture, was taken on a walk in the woods with my daughter and her 3 littlies. We were all looking down at tree stumps,  ferns and the signs of squirrel activity and we noticed Little Miss M, aged 2, sitting astride a log, looking up transfixed, smiling at the sunlight on the branches and the patterns against the sky. Choosing this picture for the 52 week challenge, has made me think …..

What about: Walk on Wednesday, Wednesday Walks, Wandering Wednesday, A Wednesday Walk, We walk on Wednesday – what to name it?

I’ve gone for Wednesday Walks, but please let me know if you think of another better, more inviting title. I will post walks from the past and present – no rules. And it might give me that extra little push I need some days to get out there for a walk, after cosy hours with the crochet hook.

It would be great if you would like to join me in posting pictures of your favourite walks and we can link up in blogland.                                                                           I’d love to hear what you think of the idea. . . . .


12 responses to “Light

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  3. Sometimes it takes a child to remind us to look up 🙂 Hmmm… how about “Wednesday walk-along with Wild Daffodil”… too long, maybe? 😉 ♥ ❤


  4. Love the light through the trees, 🇬🇧💚

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  7. What a beautiful picture, def a good reminder to look up, too. The sun hits them just right!

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  9. Brilliant photo. Almost looks to me like it could be the root systems of the trees. Wednesday Walks has a nice ring to it. And great Haiku!

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