Wednesday Walks continued

Wow! I’m delighted to post some photos of a Walk in Wales sent to me by my good friend Linda – Thank you so much Linda – I’m even more excited that you included a Haiku – fabulous! thank you SO much!

The Dwarf's Island

Linda writes: On Monday we walked along the Ceredigion Coastal Path, north from Llangrannog, remember driving there?

Three dimensional
Wiggly and wriggly roads that
turned your insides out.

Beautiful, dramatic views of beach, cliffs and sky and a distant glimpse of the Lleyn PeninsulaCoastal Path 1

There is a legend that the Giant Bica (perhaps the Devil himself?), who lived in Ceredigion, had a raging toothache. As he stamped about in pain, the tremendous noise disturbed a Dwarf called Lochtyn, who advised him to go to the coast, where his tooth would fall out. In return for his advice, the Dwarf wanted a small island where he could live quietly by himself. The Giant set off and as he reached the coast, one of his footsteps created Llangrannog beach and his tooth fell out, creating a rock stack called Carreg Bica. He reached out his finger and drew it across a rocky peninsula, separating off a tiny island for the Dwarf – Ynys Lochtyn.White Clouds


You can see my Wednesday Walk here.


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  3. Looks like you could reach up and touch the clouds in that last picture. That is a great Haiku also…can just imagine the feeling!

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