Wednesday Walks

0twalkTiz a nice warm feeling to see this family of 4 sporting knitted hats, all made by me, 2 balaclavas and 2 pixie points.

0grufoIn Thorncombe Woods we came across the ‘Gruffalo’s toilet’, a hollow moss covered tree stump

0frnthen in deep undergrowth found ferns, perfect for pixie coronets0waoff we go exploring 0wgso many trails to take with different areas from tunnels of green to wide open spaces where we came across a den 0denwhich Little Miss M did not want to leave0ma

but was happy enough when we found a tree stump lying down to be climbed upon (a lion apparently!)0climband good for leaning back and looking up


If you would like to join in and mention a favourite walk of yours, but do not have a blog, send me an email with a picture and/or a brief description of your walk and whereabouts in the world it is and will add it to a Wednesday Walk post.

GARDEN DIARY      Yesterday I turfed out the compost from my rotary compost maker and put it round the raspberry canes and fruit trees. If the number of worms is a gauge of the quality of the compost – I should be picking fabulous fruit this summer.


7 responses to “Wednesday Walks

  1. That’s a great walk! 🙂 ♥ ❤

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  3. Couldn’t resist sending you this as it was opened in another tab same time I was reading the above. Regarding earthworms: a great post from Murtaghs Meadow .

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