borderI’m in week 5 of Attic24’s Crochet Along and it’s time to make some design decisions. 

cushMy daughter would like it as a bedspread for their double bed, and that is why I am experimenting with African flower squares to add as a border. I am so grateful for the idea from Laura on Ravelry.  I’ve made a selection to see if my daughter likes the idea, if she doesn’t they can easily be turned into a cushion.


I get into mini obsession mode when I just want to go on and on forever making African flowers. There is something very soothing about making lots and lots of the same thing. The ‘flowers’ start off as these cute little circles and then I am immersed in playing with different colour combinations.flowersThis hot mix is my favourite!

Go to Cal8 for an update on how the border is coming along


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  4. I love the border, it will look lovely!

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  5. Love the floral border idea, Sandra… so very pretty! 🙂 ♥ ❤

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    • Thank you Jackie, I got the idea from Laura on Ravelry – I have just added a link to her Ravelry page under the second picture. I was so pleased to find the African Flower pattern, it is great fun to make. xx

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  6. Such a pretty design. I have been making a blanket using wool from my stash (it was threatening to take over the front room, you know how it is), it doesn’t have a pattern, kind of freeform squares and straight shapes. I am going to incorporate a square or two of this design, shall make me think of your kind wishes. It will also make me think of my lovely Snail of Happiness 🙂

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  7. The African flower squares really add something special to the blanket. That first picture is stunning–the minty yellow chartreuse shades that border the flower panels are just WOW! Love watching the progress of this afghan 🙂

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    • “Minty yellow chartreuse” – fabulous description! (it’s called Lime by Stylecraft) I love that colour so much, I wondered if I would do the border flowers entirely surrounded in it – that would give a slightly more sophisticated looking border I think, but my daughter lives in a log cabin and likes the random mix of greens in the border, which gives a subtly more ‘folksy’ touch to the look, and goes well with her home.

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  8. I too have been making African flowers recently… I’ve had to stop myself as the idea was to make a variety of squares for my latest sofa cushion and the rate I was going on at it would all have been these squares. They are lovely to make, though. Your colours look fabulous.

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    • They are a teeny bit addictive aren’t they! It is a pattern new to me and I’m so glad to have found it – I think I will HAVE to make a cushion out of them as well as the border. Sounds like you might have to make more than one sofa cushion! My colours are from the Stylecraft Special DK acrylic yarn, there are 60 to choose from, makes my mouth water!

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  9. What a beautiful, colorful design! If I could crochet, I would be obsessed with this pattern, too!

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    • So glad you like it Christie, I’ve used slightly different colours to Lucy’s suggestions, but kept as closely as I can to her order of colours, she is just brilliant at putting designs and colours together. Hers is based on late summer and Autumn flowers, I just used the colours I already had in stock – the way it turns out, I think they look like a July/August garden in full bloom – but still cosy! Thanks for dropping by! ❤


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