Small - Version 3

Big hand, tiny foot                                                                                                          Held with love at first meeting                                                                                  Seven years ago


Bluedaisyz 52 week Challenge                          Week 4

‘Small’ by Roz, Jamie, Melissa, Erika, Gary

GARDEN DIARY                                                                                                             Last February, I planted around 200 snowdrops, and I have been just a little anxious of late as I could see no sign of them coming up, I thought they might have been devoured by moles, voles, mice or squirrels as there is evidence that these animals are about! I don’t mind sharing the habitat with my fellow creatures but ……!  Yesterday to my delight I have found some tiny shoots pushing through the ground – going nicely with the ‘Small’ theme. Phew! I’m so relieved. If you click on the February link you can also see my magic rotary compost maker – one of the loves of my life! Ha!

I picked sage and thyme (for a beef stew), parsley for a white sauce and rocket to mix in at the last minute for ZEST!

The sound of rhubarb growing – listen here – a treat!                                                 As seen on the KnitterlyArts blog, recommended by Mrs.ThomasinaTittlemouse


13 responses to “Small

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  3. Nice photo! I was tempted to use a photo of my teeny-tiny niece, but decided that because I didn’t take the pictures, I should be good…

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  5. The sound of rhubarb growing… wow, who would’ve thought! 🙂 ♥ ❤

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    • Absolutely amazing isn’t it! Maize (sweetcorn) grows in the field at the bottom of my garden each year and it grows so quickly I’m wondering what sound it makes – I don’t think it would make a popping sound though, more a stre-e-ee-e-e-tching sound. 😉

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  7. Sorry, I neglected to mention the most gorgeous (and small!) bundle of love in your picture. So sweet. Xx

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    • This is the moment my son met Miss E (my first grandchild, his first niece) for the first time, when she was 2 weeks old. It was the night before his wedding, and I’ve just realised how it is a marker in our family history, as from the next day onwards that huge hand of his would have a wedding ring on it. Precious memories.


  8. How in heck did you ever come across the rhubarb audio!? Just wow!
    I had to go back to link again to see composter, cool, as first visit there I was distracted (and impressed) by your heart and kiss plantings. I love it! I am all for using space wisely, but sometimes you just got to follow creative whimsy!

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    • That rhubarb audio is fab isn’t it – I came across it whilst blog-hopping (clicking links to other blogs on the blogs I follow), and I came across it on KnitterlyArts. I’ve listened to it several times – makes me wonder about the sound of other plants growing – I feel hungry for more! Oh, that and a bit more creative whimsy (you have a great way with words). xxxx

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