CAL5 decisions and choices

Cal5plusThis is as far as I have got with the Cosy Stripe Blanket. I laid it across a double bed to see how much more to crochet. This is the way it will lie on my daughter’s bed. Cal5b I have 8 more colour stripes to do to complete Cal5. The colours do not come out so beautifully in the photo –  as in reality, they are just GORGEOUS!!!   cal5a Lucy’s blanket is for a single bed and has 15 more colour rows (Cal6) than I will be doing. As I am adding a border I will stop at the end of Cal5.                                                                 I am loving co-creating this project which has been a comfort and a joy these last 2 months.                                                                                                                          Miss E was looking through my pile of African Flower squares, I told her I was going to ask her Mum to choose her favourites so that I knew which to make most of, for the border. MissE set about working out which was her favourite. EchoiceFirst she separated them into groups – most favourite to the right of this picturefav then in a row in order of preference, most favourite to the left of the picture above and….twoafter much deliberation and discussion, (I just ❤ LOVE ❤  these creative chats, one of the highlights of Grannyhood for me) she came to decide her most favourite (on the right) and least favourite on the left. cal5achoiceMy daughter’s choice (above) is more akin to mine, and I will be making 2 or 3 copies of each African Flower above to go in the mix of squares for the edging. I’m really excited now to see how it is going to look when it’s finished.

Update: you can go to Cal7 to see how the edge is coming along

and then Cal8 for more progress.


6 responses to “CAL5 decisions and choices

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  4. I’m excited to see how it looks finished also 🙂 It’s pretty fantastical as is and the African Flowers will add so much too it. I’m with Miss E and her choices for ‘groups’. They are all really impressive–color, design, and construction. Well done!

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  5. If the weight of the wool is more than double knit I find them very heavy and pull on your nail beds so you don’t get a good night’s sleep . The mohair yarns are really good as they are so light . Our market in Hampshire sold mohair for 1/2 p an ounce made loads of blankets then , but that was 30 years ago . Those were the days . Good job I bought a lot then !! xx

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    • I’m using Stylecraft Special DK, so it should be ok. Mohair blankets sound gorgeous – have any of them survived? Those were the days indeed! Thanks for popping by Lizi. ❤


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